Custom Landscape Design in Porter Ranch

Custom Landscape Design in Porter Ranch

Vitoli Landscaping successfully transformed this front & back yard by providing comprehensive services including: pool design, backyard renovation, outdoor landscaping, and hardscaping. The front yard had a lot of driveway and side yard pavers installed with drought tolerant plants and raised beds planters. In the backyard, a new pool and spa was installed with new hardscape all around the backyard for outdoor use.

Throughout the project, there was effective communication between Vitoli and the client, ensuring the project remained on track. The project resulted in a complete renovation of this client’s outdoor living space.

  • Residential Pool Design
  • Walkways
  • Plant Design
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More About This Project

Pool and Spa Design & Installation:

The process of building an inground pool and spa can be divided into several phases. The first phase is the design phase, during which the client works with a pool designer to create a custom pool that meets their specific needs and preferences. This phase involves selecting the pool’s shape, size, depth, and features, such as lighting, waterfalls, and spas. The designer will also consider factors such as the site’s topography, soil type, and drainage to ensure the pool is structurally sound.

Once the design is finalized, the construction phase begins. This phase involves excavation of the site, which can be a significant undertaking depending on the size and complexity of the pool. The pool’s shell is then constructed using steel reinforcing bars and concrete. The plumbing, electrical, and filtration systems are installed, and the pool’s interior finish is applied. Finally, decking, landscaping, and any additional features such as a pool house or outdoor kitchen are added.


Hardscaping services, like the Driveway and Side-yard Paver Installation we performed for this client, involve a meticulous process to create durable and visually appealing outdoor surfaces. The initial phase is the planning stage, where you collaborate with a hardscaping expert to design a customized layout that suits your specific needs and enhances the overall aesthetic of your property. This includes selecting the type, shape, and size of the pavers, as well as considering any desired patterns or borders.

Once the design is finalized, the installation phase begins. This typically starts with site preparation, which may involve excavating the area to create a stable foundation. The appropriate base materials, such as crushed stone or sand, are then meticulously applied and compacted to ensure a solid surface. The pavers are carefully installed, taking into account proper alignment, spacing, and any desired decorative elements. Edging is added to secure the pavers and create clean lines and transitions.

After the pavers are in place, any necessary adjustments are made to ensure a level surface. Joint sand is then applied and swept into the gaps between the pavers to stabilize them and prevent shifting. This helps create a cohesive and polished look. Finally, the area is thoroughly cleaned, and any additional features such as lighting or landscaping are incorporated to enhance the overall appeal of the hardscape.


Landscaping services involve a systematic process to create an appealing and sustainable outdoor environment. The initial phase is the planning stage, where you collaborate with a landscaping expert to design a custom layout that incorporates your preferences and meets the specific needs of your space. For this client we chose drought-tolerant plants that can thrive in the local climate, considering their color, texture, and growth patterns to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Once the design is finalized, the installation phase begins. This typically involves preparing the soil by removing any unwanted vegetation, weeds, or debris. Raised bed planters are constructed using appropriate materials such as wood or stone, ensuring proper drainage and stability. Drought-tolerant plants are carefully planted, taking into account their spacing and optimal conditions for growth. Mulch or gravel may be added to retain moisture and suppress weed growth.

Throughout the installation process, the landscaping team pays attention to the irrigation needs of the plants, ensuring efficient water usage and conservation. They may incorporate water-saving techniques such as drip irrigation systems or rainwater harvesting to further enhance sustainability.

After the installation is complete, the landscaping team conducts a thorough clean-up, removing any construction debris and ensuring the site looks tidy and inviting. Ongoing maintenance services may be offered to ensure the longevity and vitality of the landscape, including pruning, fertilizing, and periodic irrigation system checks.

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